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Welcome,  my name is Anthony Vatuna and I have been blessed with a connection to angels and spirit, and I wish to help any soul, any way I can.  I am a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive and Psychic.  With this connection spirit can provide answers and open doors to hope and healing.  If you have  questions about love, money, career, relationships, health or your true purpose, spirit can bring a message to help guide you.  If you find your life is off track and difficult perhaps you have karma from past lives which keeps you from the life you wish to have.  The past life readings often explain the reasons behind what you are currently living through,  they can shed light on who you really are, your truest essence, and show how karma is effecting your lessons in this lifetime. This information may help, heal and guide you now in this current life.


 ***All readings and information are kept strictly confidential and private.                                

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I just wanted to "thank You" for the best reading I have ever gotten in my life and I have been a seeker since I was a young girl. In 50 years I have never gotten so much information and a clear picture of how this whole life works as I did today. You gave me reassurance from the first sentence you spoke that I had nothing to worry about and I knew then and there you were the real deal. How fortunate for me to have found you and how fortunate for all whose lives you touch. You have an amazing gift and present it with humility and kindness. Thank you Anthony for easing my mind about my children and myself.... I am  amazed,astounded and thankful!!! Gayle 

Anthony's readings have changed my life!! Because of his guidance, I am here in my kitchen, sitting in front of my beautiful baby boy and the most wonderful partner I could ask for... I am so eternally grateful for his commitment to his clients and powerful insight. Recommend him highly!!-Aline

"Anthony is a very gifted, authentic, humble and caring soul with a great big heart! With his spine-tingling insights and SPOT ON accuracy, he delivers his messages in great detail with sensitivity and kindness. I love referring back to my reading whenever I need to. I have been coming back to Anthony for the past year or so and with every message I am left with a powerful sense of comfort, peace, confidence and renewed purpose. He is truly a gift to this world. Thank you, Anthony!!"- Krysta

Anthony I want to thank you so much for the beautiful past life reading. I wept when I read it. It touched me deep in my heart and stirred something deep in my soul. I appreciate the time you took for this very much.Many thanks and  blessing to you.  Gwenn  

 "Just wanting to offer up my profound gratitude. You probably speak to so many people that you do not remember me, but we talked back in October. Since then, everything you shared with me as a possibility for my reality has come true! It's been spectacular. Ever since our reading I have been passing you on to my clients and friends and my close sister circle. They too have all had profound readings. I can see the shift in them with immense" Gratitude-Nina

Wow Anthony, I am in awe at every word you wrote! This email is absolutely amazing. You've touched on exactly how things are with my relationship. Every line I read couldn't be more true. I can't be more grateful for this insightful reading. You truly have an incredible gift and I am glad you've been able to share it with me. Thank you so much! Take care and God bless! :) M

"Hi, Anthony.  I thoroughly enjoyed your reading.  Several parts touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes.  I was overjoyed with the confirmations that you gave me.  You gave me much to think about, for which I am very grateful. You have much to offer others.You are very gifted and have put those gifts into many wonderful forms of service.   May you always walk in God's love and light," Mary

"Thank you for a very honest and highly accurate reading of my current situation. It has given me a  sense of freedom to start making some important changes and some tools to do it by.Thanks again".In Light and Love Andrew

I want to thank you for all your advice. I had emailed you regarding getting a teaching position and you said that I would get a teaching job , which I did. I also asked about whether my husband and I would ever have a child and you said in August we would conceive...and we conceived a baby boy that I finally carried full-term. -Virginia 

 Readings are for entertainment purposes only,  professional medical and legal advice should be sought for such decisions.

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